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Withdrawals and Transfers

If parents wish to withdraw their child from the school, one month’s notice in writing must be given to the school. One month’s fees must be paid to the school in lieu of such notice. No notice is required, however, if a student is withdrawn one month after the final examination.

Notwithstanding the above, a student shall be considered to be withdrawn from the school if:

  1. They have not attended the school for a period of one month, unless arrangements for such absence have been agreed to by the Head of the concerned branch of the school.
  2. Their fees have remained unpaid for two consecutive months.
  3. They have been asked to withdraw from the school due to disciplinary reasons. In the event of such a withdrawal the school shall not be required to give any notice before enforcing its decision, which shall be within the absolute and sole discretion of the school.
  4. They have failed in the same class for two consecutive years or have failed to qualify for promotion on two different occasions in their school career.

In cases (a), (b), (c) and (d) above, outstanding fees shall be adjusted against the security deposit paid to the school.

A student shall be deemed to be enrolled in the school until they have completed their normal education, having taken their final public examination (Matriculation / O Level / A Level), and all their dues with the school have been finally settled. They shall only be considered to be withdrawn after the outstanding fees / other dues (if any) payable up to the last month during which they appear for their last public examination paper, are fully settled, or the outstanding amount shall be adjusted against the security deposit and the balance, if any, shall be recoverable from the parent.

Inter-city and International transfer

Beaconhouse offers as one of its advantages the facility to transfer from a Beaconhouse school in one city of Pakistan to a Beaconhouse school in another city. In addition, we are now pleased to offer an international transfer facility to schools in Bangladesh, Oman, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and the UK.


A student is eligible to apply for inter-city/international transfer facilities, provided that:

  1. They have completed twelve months or one academic year at the branch from which they are seeking transfer;
  2. They have cleared all their dues from the branch they are studying in and from which they are seeking transfer;
  3. There is no gap between the date of withdrawal from one branch and the date of admission in another branch;
  4. They have not been suspended or received more than one disciplinary warning;
  5. If a student qualifies for transfer:
    • No admission fees will be charged by the branch to which the student is transferred;
    • The security deposit of the student will automatically be transferred to the new branch.

Even if a student is eligible for transfer, they shall only qualify for it subject to the availability of a vacancy in the requested branch in cities where there is more than one branch of the Beaconhouse School System. The decision of the relevant Regional Office will be final in this regard.

Students, in their own interest, are advised not to seek transfers in the final two years of their schooling, i.e. Classes IX (Matriculation) and X (Matriculation), and the last three years of O and A Levels, since the range of subjects offered in different schools varies. Also, in the case of Matriculation, different Boards have different requirements. As such, Beaconhouse does not take any responsibility for the consequences resulting from transfers during the periods mentioned.

Not all BSS schools offer O and A Levels. Therefore, students transferring out of the Cambridge stream need to ascertain whether the school to which they are seeking transfer offers the Cambridge stream or not.

Since the academic year in Quetta and Abbottabad is approximately six months out of line with the academic year in the rest of the system, it follows that a student transferring to or from these cities must move ahead or drop back by one term. The decision is made by the Head of the second school after consultation with the Head of the first school and is made, as far as possible, in the long-term interests of the student.

Intra-city transfer

Beaconhouse School System does not offer transfer facility from one school campus to another within the same city.

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