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Extracurricular Activities

Good education must encompass more than the standard academic subjects.  The Beaconhouse schools provide a range of co-curricular activities as part of the timetable, appropriate to the ages of the students.

Art and Design

The Art and design programme offers opportunities to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, develops their understanding of colours, form, texture, and pattern, and their ability to use materials and processes to communicate ideas and feelings. Through study of the arts, students learn about artistic traditions of their own and other cultures. They learn to link the study of the arts with the study of history, geography, language, culture and human interaction, and gain an appreciation of the great importance of the arts, both as sources of enjoyment and as means of communication in cultures around the world.


The first aim of music lessons at BSS is to foster an appreciation of music among students. Music is a part of our rich culture and tradition and all children deserve access to the joy and enrichment which music can bring. Music helps to develop a child’s listening skills, and understanding of rhythm, sequence, phrase and pitch.

Physical Education and Games

Beaconhouse places great importance on sports in the curriculum, and of course it is now universally accepted as being an integral part of an all-round education.  We are intensifying our efforts to further promote sports beyond what is already in place.  Physical education is part of the regular timetable for all students up to Class VIII and the games played do depend to some extent on the physical environment of the school.  However, where the school grounds do not offer enough space, many schools are able to make arrangements for games to be played at local playgrounds.

Outdoor Activities

Students, both boys and girls, are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities like scouting, trekking, rock climbing, skiing and water sports, for which arrangements have been made with leading organisations in the country offering these services and facilities. Besides providing fun and enjoyment, these activities serve the useful purpose of survival training for the young people. In 2001, the Beaconhouse Outdoor Education Programme (BOEP) was introduced which aims at combining outdoor experience with learning. This programme has been developed solely for the benefit of students. A dedicated staff has been hired with the necessary expertise in the field of conducting outdoor excursions for children. The cost of the infrastructure and facilities (buses and equipment) required to implement this programme is borne by Beaconhouse, while the students pay for the cost of the trip, which includes meals and/or accommodation, transportation and nominal admission charges for entry into parks, museums etc.

Inter-School and Inter-Regional Competitions

Athletics, cricket, table tennis, badminton, debating and quiz competitions are annual events and are held in different regions by rotation. They provide an opportunity for students to display and develop their skills and to meet their contemporaries from Beaconhouse schools in other parts of the country. As a result of these competitions, Beaconhouse has produced some outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen who have participated in national and international level competitions at home and abroad.

Educational Visits

BSS schools organise outings and field trips at intervals throughout the year to places of interest and educational value. These places are chosen for their suitability for the age of the children concerned. Apart from the interest they arouse, they are of value in reinforcing work done in school.

School Clubs and Societies

We encourage a variety of other extra-curricular activities, including participation in Boy Scout and Girl Guides programmes, Anjuman-e-Urdu, debating, drama and many other activities. The range of extra-curricular activities varies from school to school, depending on local conditions, the age of the students, and availability of transportation, etc. These activities usually take place after school hours.


We welcome visits to schools by a wide variety of people. Lecturers, politicians, authors, business people, and sports personalities are all among the people who visit schools to talk to the students. Younger students have greatly enjoyed visits by local tradesmen and craftsmen, sports personalities and even fighter pilots! Meeting such people gives them a broader perspective of the world around them, and a variety of learning opportunities.

School Newsletters and Magazines

All BSS schools produce regular newsletters. Their main purpose is to keep parents informed of current activities and forthcoming events at each school.

The production of school magazines allows senior students to become familiar with various aspects of publishing, whether as writers or editors. Magazines have both English and Urdu sections, and students of all ages are encouraged to contribute to them.

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