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Admission and Registration

The admission procedure begins with registration, which in itself does not guarantee admission. Dates for registration are announced individually by each school. A registration fee is charged to cover clerical and administrative costs and, on payment of this fee, the school office issues a receipt and a registration form for completion by the parent or guardian. The Beaconhouse School System prospectus is also provided.

Registration will usually be done if it is thought probable that a vacancy may exist in the appropriate class at the expected time of admission. The school reserves the right to accept or refuse admission without assigning a reason.

Normal ages of pupils at the time of admission

Pre-Nursery (Montessori) 3+
Nursery 4+
Kindergarten 5+
I 6+
II 7+
III 8+
IV 9+
V 10+
VI 11+
VII 12+
VIII 13+
IX 14+
X 15+
XI / O Level 16+
A Level first year 17+

Admission test/interview timings

Admission tests and interviews are normally held in February/March of each year. Admissions are confirmed latest by April/May to successful candidates who are required to join the school in the following August or September. Parents of successful candidates will be asked to call at the school office to collect the first fee 'challan' form. The first fee 'challan' form will include charges for a security deposit (refundable at the time of withdrawal only), admission fees, two months’ tuition fees and any other incidental charges. Methods of payment will be explained by the school office. When this procedure is complete the child’s name will be entered in the admission register and the child may join their class.

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