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Pocklington Montessori School is now offering a choice of two courses that would enable those interested in working with young children aged 2½ to 7, or indeed parents who want to understand more about how their children develop, to gain qualifications in quality childcare.

1. The Montessori Foundation Course takes the student through the early equipment, and gives an understanding of the philosophy behind Montessori’s method. The course focuses on the Montessori sections: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematic and Cultural.

Practical Life gives the child the skills and confidence to do things for himself or herself.
Sensorial builds up the child’s understanding of his senses as he learns to shade colours, appreciate different textures and weights and gain a kinaesthetic experience of shape. Language helps the child to develop his mother tongue and gain a sound appreciation of reading, writing and grammar.
The Mathematic materials enable children to actually enjoy working out calculations in a way that encourages a four year old to add or divide using thousands, hundreds, tens and units.
The Cultural materials help the child to see himself or herself as an important part of the universe as he or she is introduced first to the solar system, the world, the continents and finally to his or her own country and town. Each area of the curriculum adds to the whole experience and alongside Music, Movement, Art and Creativity aids the child towards his or her full potential. This course involves attendance 3 hours per week for a total of 30 weeks.

2. The Early Childhood Certificate goes into the Montessori materials in greater depth; it also covers Child Development, Observations, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood and Child Care and Health. This course requires attendance for two 3 hour sessions per week for 34 weeks. As well as preparing files on the early equipment, there are 4 essays to write, 3 observations on the young child, an early literacy game to prepare and some language boxes to make. To complete the course the student must pass a practical examination on the Montessori equipment and complete two 3 hour written exams. By taking the Teaching Practice, a series of observations on a single child and completing a teaching practice file, students are able to upgrade their Early Childhood Certificate to a Diploma.

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