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Frequently Asked Questions

The Beaconhouse School System launched its redesigned home page and main website in July 2008. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the site.

What is Beaconhouse’s "main website"?

The main website is the corporate homepage, and this leads to various region pages in the School System. The region pages lead to individual school websites. Alternatively, surfers can use the interactive map on the corporate homepage to find Beaconhouse schools.
The site was developed by evolve, and is maintained by the Beaconhouse Corporate Communications Department.

What is new about the main website?

The main site has been redesigned to prominently feature a new map, and to integrate and demarcate the School System into different regions. There is also a newsfeed. The search tool has been enhanced.

How does this new design make it easier to navigate the main site?

The corporate homepage and the region pages have a drop down menu in the upper right hand corner. Surfers can use this drop down menu to navigate to the region or corporate page.
And on the region pages, surfers can use the drop down menu to reach different school sites.

Who are the main site's target audiences?

The main site is Beaconhouse School System’s main public Web presence. The System hopes that all members of the Beaconhouse community will check the site frequently for news and updates.

Who do I contact with questions or comments about the new site?

You can provide feedback by sending an e-mail to info@beaconhouse.edu.pk.

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