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Corporate Citizenship

Beaconhouse is a socially responsible organisation committed to providing community services through educational projects. Some of its initiatives include:

Beaconhouse National University

The group contributed an amount of over six million dollars as seed money for the establishment of the not-for-profit Beaconhouse National University. While Beaconhouse was the original sponsor of the university, other stakeholders from the public and private sectors have also contributed generously.

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) was set up in September 2003. Based in Lahore, BNU is Pakistan’s first broad-based liberal arts university with faculties ranging from Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Media and Communications, and Education, to Architecture and Design, Visual Arts, and Information and Computer Technologies. It has an international faculty from as far afield as England, Holland, Canada, France, Germany and other countries, apart from some of Pakistan’s most renowned academics and intellectuals.

The Chairperson of Beaconhouse, Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri, is on the Board of Governors along with several leading figures who have generously associated themselves with the University because of its non-profit status. Beaconhouse National University was awarded a charter by the Government of Punjab in July 2005, giving it degree awarding status, and it has already established its excellence in the fine arts, visual communications and architecture programmes.

The University’s new Tarogil campus on a 35-acre estate on the outskirts of Lahore was designed by celebrated architect Nayyar Ali Dada, and built to international specifications featuring a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.

Earthquake Aid

Following the earthquake that devastated the northern areas of Pakistan in October 2005, Beaconhouse donated Rs10,000,000 to the President’s Earthquake Relief Fund, of which Rs 3,000,000 was raised through the contribution of one day’s salary by Beaconhouse staff.  Furthermore, by mobilising its staff and students to organise school-based activities throughout the country, it raised a further Rs 30,000,000 for the reconstruction of a government school in Chinari, a village that was very badly hit by the earthquake.

The construction was completed by Beaconhouse who handed over the Chinari Boys’ High School to the Education Department of the Govt. of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in May 2008.

Flood Relief Fund

A total of Rs 35.5 million has been contributed by students, parents, employees and Beaconhouse shareholders for flood-relief efforts.  In addition, trucks laden with supplies and relief goods worth millions were despatched to the affected areas.

Beaconhouse used the funds collected for a number of projects, including the construction of a village and school in Moza Lal Shah and the reconstruction of three schools in the Nowshera District.

Aid for IDPs

Beaconhouse donated Rs 10 million towards the relief of Internally Displaced Persons. In addition, staff members contributed one day’s salary amounting to a total of Rs 5 million and our students’ fundraising activities raised a total of just under Rs 10 million. Beaconhouse also initiated a relief operation for the IDPs at the camps in Mardan, targeted at providing assistance to between 3,000 and 5,000 families, spearheaded by over 120 senior employees and teachers.

Other Community Initiatives

Beaconhouse continues to work in collaboration with NGOs to provide teacher training and to initiate capacity building programmes in public schools.  It also continually donates resources such as computers, furniture, books and other equipment to schools for underprivileged children.

Senior students from Beaconhouse are also actively encouraged to participate in local community service programmes.

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