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The Beaconhouse Group is involved in a range of education, infrastructure and technology initiatives. The following companies are part of the Group:


Beaconhouse School System

The Beaconhouse School System is the flagship educational institution of the Beaconhouse Group. It began as a small nursery in a private house in Lahore in 1975 and it is now the largest school system of its type in the world. Beaconhouse schools are present in Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the UAE and the United Kingdom. The Beaconhouse School System now has around 274,000 students worldwide.


TNS Beaconhouse

The establishment of TNS in Lahore in September 2007 was to a great extent influenced by the first-ever international conference on education in Pakistan, `Towards 2035: The School of Tomorrow` hosted by the Beaconhouse Group in 2005. The conference addressed the changing role of education and the nature of schools over the next 30 years and beyond.

TNS was the first school in Pakistan to embrace the Reggio Emilia Approach based on the concept of `learning by doing`, and is now the first school in Lahore to be accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Project-based learning is the hallmark of the progressive educational experience at TNS, underpinning a unique and distinctive academic choice ranging from the Reggio Emilia Approach, through to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, International Baccalaureate Diploma and Cambridge (UK) IGCSE.

The overwhelming response to the original TNS branch has led to the establishment of a second cutting-edge campus in Lahore. All year levels from Nursery upwards are available at this campus (TNS Defence). The original TNS Gulberg functions in parallel as an Early Years and Lower Primary Campus (Nursery to Year 3).



One of the most significant developments for Beaconhouse in 2010 was the addition of Newlands School in the south of England to the Group`s international school network.

Beaconhouse-Newlands Lahore was launched through a strategic alliance with Newlands School. Spread over 7.5 acres in DHA Lahore`s largest and most ambitious new phase, this iconic day boarding school offers the best of both Beaconhouse and Newlands.

With a long tradition of academic excellence at its core, Beaconhouse-Newlands lays equal emphasis on sports and extra-curricular activities.

Beaconhouse-Newlands Lahore was established in September 2011, followed by Beaconhouse-Newlands Kuala Lumpur and most recently, Beaconhouse-Newlands Islamabad, established in 2015.


The Educators

The Educators was launched in 2002 and has since grown into a vast network of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools across Pakistan. Today, The Educators extends its unique learning experience to over 168,000 students in more than 600 branches located in 200+ cities/towns of Pakistan, making it the largest network in the country.


Gymboree Play & Music

Beaconhouse is the only authorised franchise of Gymboree programmes in Pakistan and Belgium. The first centre in Lahore was launched in February 2011 and the second opened in January 2012. Two centres are now operational in Karachi with more expected to be operational soon. The first centre in Brussels was launched in December 2015.

Gymboree is the world leader in early childhood development and has a presence in 30 countries over 550 locations. Its programmes are also recognised for their unique approach to parent involvement which encourages participation in and understanding of each child`s development.

Gymboree Play & Music offers programmes to foster cognitive, physical and social skills in children aged 0 to 5.


Beaconhouse National University

The Beaconhouse National University is a liberal arts university that opened in Lahore in 2003. This is a unique institution in Pakistan that aims to provide a thorough and rounded humanities, science and social science education at both graduate and post-graduate level.

The university is composed of the schools of Architecture and Design, Computer and Information Technology, Education, Liberal Arts, Media and Mass Communication, Social Sciences and Visual Arts. Students can currently earn Bachelors and Masters degrees.


Concordia Colleges

Concordia Colleges, under the umbrella of the Beaconhouse Group, aspire to offer world class education in an innovative and technology-enabled environment at an economical cost. Concordia Colleges is the first institution in Pakistan to provide each student with modern technological tools such as tablets along with educational videos covering full courses, thus allowing a student to go through lecture as many times as they like. The Learning Management System (LMS) is also an additional source for meeting student`s needs. Moderated online discussion forums are a supporting resource available to students during and after college hours.


The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre was established in Karachi in January 2002. The centre`s philosophy is to engage students in project-based learning through integrated technologies such as digital filmmaking, computers and the Internet. Initially offering only short courses and workshops, the Discovery Centre launched its SmartSchool three years later, catering to children from Class I to Class VIII in a full-time school environment. The Discovery Centre`s air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with computers, scanners and uninterrupted internet connectivity for a complete learning experience.


Premier Trading Services (Pvt) Ltd

Premier Trading Services was established in 1995 and is the commercial wing of the group. The company is currently involved in a number of activities including the printing and supply of books, stationery and uniforms and the management of school canteen services across Beaconhouse as well as the staff cafeteria at the Beaconhouse Head Office. It also has a plant providing pure, safe and healthy drinking water at an affordable price.


Premier DLC

Premier DLC is the training and consultancy wing of the Beaconhouse Group, responsible for bringing more than 40 years of educational sector excellence to external clients, especially in the public sector. As the scope and impact of the Beaconhouse Group broadened, becoming internationally recognised and standardised, the Group aimed to diminish the quality divide between the public and private education sectors. This was achieved by offering our educational expertise to other organisations such as NGOs and government entities.

Premier DLC works towards bridging these gaps by providing educational development services including teacher`s professional development training, curriculum development, school management, material development, school assessments and evaluations and blended learning initiatives, amongst others.

Premier DLC has successfully delivered projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Sindh and Punjab, for the public sector as well as private sector clients, including the Government of KPK, USAID, The Punjab Education Foundation, The Education Fund for Sindh and many more.


Beaconhouse Estate

Beaconhouse Estate was established in 2002 with the aim of providing affordable housing for the employees of the Beaconhouse Group and a majority of the owners of plots of land today are existing staff or former employees. The Estate is spread over 137.5 acres in a rapidly-expanding suburb of Lahore and offers all essential facilities and public amenities.

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